A new way to Experience Sports

Sportty co. is a sports hub, where users can search and watch all kinds of sports, from football to ping pong, from hockey to poker, from soccer to chess.

  • High Quality Sports Broadcasting.
  • Search & Watch all kinds of sports.
  • Follow games by team or athlete.
  • Amateur & Professional Leagues.
  • Broadcasters keep 75% of all income - pay-per-view, ads, subscriptions.
  • Support & Grow your local teams.
  • Live. From all over the world. No, Really.
  • Multiple new ways to Share & Interact!

Designed for the New Generations

When a game is on, people no longer want to ‘Just Watch’ it. They want to interact, to share, to socialize.

Player attention is now split between the game itself and the mobile, where the new generation of sports fans spend most of their time.

Sportty co. is designed with that in mind.

We embrace the new way of watching sports, creating new interactive and social engagement experiences.


When the next big game is on, you'll want to be here:

Live Matches

No matter what kind of sport you love, there's a league for that. Live.


Support the Teams and Leagues you love. Help them grow bigger and better.

Virtual Stadium

Pick a Seat. Invite friends. Speak and hear the crowd.
It doesn't get more social than that!

Virtual Cabinet

Or pick a virtual cabinet and voice chat with your friends only.

Sports - the new way

Sportty co. is a new way to Watch - and a new way to Broadcast Sports.


  • Help support and grow Sports and Teams you love.

  • Share short messages and pictures.

  • Invite friends to your virtual cabinet, where you can voice chat while you watch the game.

  • Pick your seats and share the emotion of being in a virtual stadium, talk to your friends and hear the crowd rooting for your team.

  • Make predicitions, play-by-play and see how well you peform against your friends - and against everybody else.

  • Watch the beginning of the next superstars’ careers - print cetificates for watched games and let them know you've supported them in their beginning!


  • For Amateurs - all you need is a smartphone with camera and a tripod.

  • For Professionals - use professional cameras, or even a drone.

  • Advanced camera controls - plus Instant Replay & SloMo.

  • Pay-per-view - no limit to the number of viewers.

  • Professional Ads - automatically selected.

  • Narration, local or remote - play-by-play and color.

  • Show Score & Time, Game Stats, Game Event (penalties, ejections, etc...)

  • No transmission fees.


A Whole New World of Advertising

Sportty co. creates new advertising oppotunities, by creating big audiences from hundreds to thousands of small events for each kind of sport.

Sports that never reached mainstream status, now become viable advertising options for big sponsors, because we gather multiple events into one big audience.

Small, local sponsors can also reach their target audiences, via our LocalAds system, which inserts local ads - as long as they don’t conflict with global ads for those events.

Sponsors can easily check reach and stats, online, in realtime.

  • Get access to thousands of small tournaments and championships - millions of new viewers

  • Reach people who really love the sport

  • Reach audiences that used to be unreacheable

  • Increased market for sports that haven’t become mainstream yet


We're looking for partners and investors.

  • Huge and strong market
  • Easy to understand business and business model
  • Low investment, with attractive exit options
  • Scallable platform - start small, grow fast

  • * News listed below are about the two screen phenomenon and revenues generated by small and local leagues - these are not news about Sportty Co.

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